About Us

We have honest conversations with our customers about using cloud Technology to save money and easily do more to grow their businesses. Unlimited service at a fixed price.  It’s what we do!

Server Free - Business Technology

Apps setup and managed by Business Cloud, hosted by Google and our partners.  Secure on any device, anywhere!

Unlimited Training & Support

Unlimited and accessible service makes users more productive and reliable customer references.  Certified expert advice, training, and support on any device.

Fixed per-user pricing

Our unique fixed-price unlimited service plans start at $39 per month, plus a one-time setup and data migration fee.

Business Technology not IT


Business Technology (BT) refers to computer systems geared specifically towards business processes and is quite different than Information Technology (IT).  At Business Cloud, we set up BT to help companies serve their customers and protect their business.


What you should know about us…

Business Technology not IT.

We are BT specialists that expertly deploy business-grade cloud applications accessible from any device, so our customers can collaborate and work anywhere to manage their business while protecting their data and privacy. BT is the practical IT your business has always needed.

It’s always our problem.

Our clients can turn to us for anything, and rely on us to manage their change to better business technology. We’re here to help, and we’re cheaper too!

We have great references.

It’s simple – our unlimited training and cheerful service makes users productive and clients happy.

We’ll grow with our clients.

Responsive and practical advice on changes in technology and trends will keep you informed, on the cutting edge, and productive.

What It Means to You

Business Cloud’s server-free Apps save time and money by eliminating equipment, backups, server downtime, and more. Your business will be protected from disaster and more productive than ever. Your employees will be happier because they have innovative technology and unlimited, accessible support. Your technology will be usable on any device, anywhere, and everything will be connected. A complete solution, that all works together, and guarantees ease of use.



Server-free, Fixed Price, Unlimited Service

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