Chrome Management Console

Manage all your school’s chrome devices from a central location!

Controlled Usage

Restrict access to websites, files, or applications, so that your students are only using their Chromebooks for schoolwork.

Take Advantage of the Web

The Internet is the world’s greatest source of information – let your students learn from it in a completely controlled environment that you manage.

Collaborate Easily

Send your students files, create workgroups, and watch them work together. You can see how students work together, even if they work from home!

Facilitate Learning

Don’t lecture, engage. Customize paperless lesson plans to revolve around the students – work individually, in groups, or as a class.


A fast-starting, self-updating, personalized powerhouse computer that works from the cloud, and has everything built-in. Safe, intuitive, and fun!

"I like the unlimited training, especially since we have been adding new people. Business Cloud is amazing."

Chantal GB Associates

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