Gmail Redesign with AI supported features

Google has announced today its new features to help businesses that use G Suite to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. So what does it include for us?

A refreshed Gmail interface.
Advanced security features.
New integrations with other G suite apps.
Let’s look at some of the features:

Email Snoozing and Nudging

The Snoozing feature allows you to snooze emails, like an alarm clock, until a specified time and date.If you love to keep your inbox clean, this will help you to keep your inbox empty. If you don’t really care about your messy inbox, then the new “Nudging” feature is quite useful. The “Nudge” displays messages with a quick reminder that you haven’t responded to the email yet, using AI to figure out whether message is important to you.

Smart Reply Feature

This new feature helps users respond to messages while they’re on the go. The Smart Reply feature saves you time by suggesting quick reply phrases based on the content of Gmail. Smart Reply uses Machine learning to give you the better responses the more you use it.

Improved Phishing Protection

With Gmail’s new confidential mode, it enables the user to protect sensitive information in their emails by creating expiration dates and revoking previously sent emails. Now, we can also require the recipient to view the message through additional authentication text message to view an email.

Protect your users with advanced anti-phishing capabilities

In addition, more than 20 updates have been announced  to enhance customers’ control over their security. These new protections, which are on by default, can:

Automatically flag emails from untrusted senders.


Warn against email that tries to spoof employee names.


Enhance protection against spear phishing attacks by flagging unauthenticated email.

Scan images for phishing indicators and expand shortened URLs to uncover malicious links.

Integration with other apps

Google has made it easier to Integrate with other G suite apps like Google Calendar, Keep and Tasks. This new Side Panel provides quick access to other third-party business apps without having to leave your email or switching between tabs or apps.

There's more...

In addition to these features, now machine learning algorithm checks every incoming message and alerts users to potential threats with inevitable Color-coded warnings. According to MIT Technology Review, “AI-powered features are now put into the hands of 1.4 billion Gmail users, which gives Google another chance to put its massive collection of data to use and also generate some more – something that might not be an entirely good thing.”

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