Instant on, all day battery, on or off-line…faster, safer and everything’s included!

Unbelievably from $399

A Computer that Stays Quick

Starts-up in seconds, updates automatically, and stays fast. Chromebooks work mostly from the cloud, allowing important computer resources to be saved for important things.

Integrated with Google Apps

Apps are built-in and start lightning fast. Complete integration means apps are accessible and useful from the desktop, and 1000s more are available through the Chrome Web Store.


Safe and Secure

Built-in virus and malware detection, sourced from Google antivirus archives. Storage with Google Drive guarantees file integrity, and consistent updates make sure you have the best protection.

Works Well in Groups

Assign user profiles from Guests to Super Users to control experience & accessibility. Sync your Chromebook to your mobile devices in a snap, and share information easier than ever before.

Chromebooks for Business

Manage 1000s of chromebooks with ease, track assets, pre-install and block apps, create user groups, control user access, configure network access, and more…

"I like the unlimited training, especially since we have been adding new people. Business Cloud is amazing."

Chantal GB Associates

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