Payment Evolution Payroll

A payroll software designed for today’s needs – strong, simple, and securely accessible anywhere in the world. Stay on top of your payroll while on the go!

Works for You

Calculates all the specifics – payments, remittances, deductions, and more! Controls direct deposit to the government for tax purposes, to employees, and to company accounts.


Paperless Payrolls

Eliminate paper forms, payslips, and remittance forms – everything is done online. Employees can access the personal payroll website to see their pay information, documents such as T4’s, and tax forms.


Simple Interface, Simple Functionality

Get your payroll done in as little as 30 seconds. Easy to use, elegant, and extraordinarily fast. One-time calculations, year-end reports, and customizable templates, all from the same place.

Accessible Anywhere

All you need is a web browser – no software install necessary! This means you can access your payroll anywhere, anytime, and never have to worry about keeping records. It’s all there for you!

"I like the unlimited training, especially since we have been adding new people. Business Cloud is amazing."

Chantal GB Associates

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