12 Tips For Working Well In Your Home

by | Mar 26, 2020

Whether working from home is new or familiar to you, it’s a big change from working in the office. During this time the necessity to work from home provides an opportunity to develop great habits and workflows for you and your team. Read below to find some tips to keep productivity up and come out as strong and collaborative as before.

Stay Connected – Make sure you’re talking to your coworkers, reach out to your friends and family. Check in with a colleague via email, phone or instant message to say hi. Working remotely can be lonely, so it’s crucial to maintain your sense of connection.

Get dressed – Working in pajamas might be novel for a few days, but I find that I’m more productive when I have a routine.

Stay Active – Get up every hour for a few minutes of activity. You’ll be far less active than when you’re in the office.

Keep your in-the-office sleep schedule – Stick to your normal routine most effectively by keeping the same schedule. This will allow you to do the other things like setting up your workstation and keeping you productive before your workday.

Set Up Your Workstation – Make sure you’ve got everything you need for a productive day.

Take Your Lunch Break – Self Care is important every day, but especially when you’re working from home. Take time for a good meal, and maybe a quick walk around your neighbourhood.

Get Productive – Make a list of things you’ve been meaning to do around the house and spend your breaks working on the list (Yes – take breaks). It gets you away from the computer but you’re still productive.

Keep Your Routine – Get up, get ready for work. Working from home shouldn’t mean you should halt your self care routines.

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