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by | Jan 10, 2017

Business Cloud adopted GQueues internally over 2 years ago, and we were proud to welcome GQueues to our Cloud Solutions offering as a partner in the summer of 2016.

Since we started using GQueues for ourselves, we instantly fell in love with the ease of use and clean interface. It helped us stay organized while onboarding new clients, as well keep up on internal to-dos. As our colleague, Cheryl, says, “the best part of GQueues is that all of our tasks are in one place and accessible from anywhere. Instead of tasks hiding in an email or a Google Hangout message, they’re all right there.”

Shortly we started using GQueues, we began promoting it to our clients – the biggest selling points being the G Suite integration and shared tasks lists.

To read the full case study about the collaboration between Business Cloud and GQueues, head over to GQueues’ website.

To inquire about deploying GQueues in your organization and how Business Cloud can help, call us at +1 (800) 615-6025 or email [email protected]

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