The New Apps Launcher Landing Page

by | Mar 3, 2016

Google has officially launched a new “User Hub” landing page, giving you an overview of all the apps available in your organization. The first section contains all the core Google Apps for Work applications such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. When you scroll down, you will find any other cloud-based apps installed by your Admin from the Google Apps marketplace.

Check out your organization’s Hub by going to this link >

Make sure to bookmark this for quick and easy access or make it your Chrome startup/new tab page.

To make it your startup page, go to your Chrome browser settings (chrome://settings/) and select open a specific page or set of pages under the On startup section and paste the link to make it your homepage.

To make it your new tab page, go to your Chrome browser settings (chrome://settings/) and select New Tab page under the Appearance section. This option will leave your current homepage at startup, but with every new Chrome tab window you will see the Google Apps for Work User Hub.

Note: You must be signed in to your Google Apps for Work account to access the Hub.

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