Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

 Amazing things happen when people connect and work together!

Share contacts, assign follow-ups, map leads and forecast deals
One-click social search, reports, mapping, quotes, mailers
100% company wide contact migration from any old outlook, PC or CRM system

Access everything from call logs to pictures, related documents to birthday reminders, and more! Every contact has a dynamic webpage containing all the info you need, but only displaying the info you want.

Review correspondence between clients, open contacts from your email screen or on your mobile device, schedule emails and respond automatically. Campaign emails to subscribe, open, forward, unsubscribe, and mass-email whoever you want.


Sort projects and customers by timeframes and employees assigned, complete integration and one-click functions, two-way calendar and contact sync, and save time!

One-click social media search – find your contacts anywhere! (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Full integration with


Over the air sync with Google Apps and single sign-on;
Link to a Google Doc, Gmail contact, or any file you want;
Open smart contact pages within Gmail (contextual gadget);
Use Gmail labels as a dropbox for a project;
Google Docs provide contact forms and mailing labels;
Save addresses on Google Maps.

"I recommend Business Cloud to save money that you never knew you could."

Oscar The Agensi

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