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Does this describe you?

Business Cloud strives to be a complete solution to your IT problems. If you can relate to anything on this list, we can help you.

  • You oversee a number of employees or managers, work with lots of partners, or are in charge of a school’s IT.
  • You have struggled with IT support in the past, and are looking for a simple solution.
  • You pay costly fees to service computers, phones, and maintain licensing for your company.
  • You would like to control your employee’s devices with set preferences, blocked content, and installed applications.
  • You send a lot of emails, with lots of attachments.
  • Your calendar and contacts are very important, but you have different versions depending on which device you’re using, and have many different schedules to manage.
  • You would like to easily collaborate and track changes to your data.
  • You rarely or never backup your files, and it worries or frustrates you when your IT doesn’t work as it should.

Cloud Storage

Eliminate the need for backups, never lose your files again, and make collaboration a breeze with Egnyte’s local/cloud storage. Plans are available for 100% unlimited storage space.

Mobile Device Management

Enforce policies or preferences on all your employee’s devices, locate and track devices, bundle data and send it to all devices. Stay in control of your company’s IT.

Shared Contact & Customer Management

Track people, objects, or projects on an all-in-one smart webpage, see diagnostics about your business, collaborate with others, plan advertising campaigns, and access it anywhere.

Office VoIP Phones

Get all contacts integrated with IM, video chat, PC to text SMS (US), free voice long distance in North America, customized extensions, ringtones, voicemail, and more!

eInvoicing & Time Tracking

Send e-Invoices, receive online payments, go completely paperless with receipt scanning and mobile apps, track employee or contractor time, create real-time reports, and more!

Location Analytics

Discover hidden information about your business – how many visitors you are getting, repeat customers, average time spent in-store, and much more! Customize your reports and analytics.

How do we help?

Business Cloud’s mission is to help with any IT problem our clients may face, and to provide a complete, understandable solution.

After meeting with us, we will come to your workplace and set up a complete IT system, designed specifically for you. If you already have a system, we will work with you to change it into one that is comprehensive, useful, and simple to use. We guarantee 100% data migration and 99.9% cloud server uptime, so you will never need to backup your data and you will never lose it.

Our specialty is our training. Every Business Cloud client has access to 100% unlimited training and support, no strings attached. This means we will spend the time to make sure you understand how your business’s technology works, and we will train any new users to your organization.

We want to eliminate your struggles with IT, and to disprove the negative connotation on typical IT support. Business Cloud is there for you, no matter what.

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"I like the unlimited training, especially since we have been adding new people. Business Cloud is amazing."

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