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G Suite – Professional email, lifetime storage, shared calendars and docs, video meetings and security.

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Professional Email

Get a customized email address ( with Gmail, 30gb of email storage, and 24/7 support. Integration with Google Calendar makes it quick and easy to correspond and schedule events. 99.9% server uptime guarantees that you’ll never lose another email.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive allows you to save files in the cloud, without expensive hardware, and has options for unlimited storage space. Access your files anywhere in the world, share them with anybody you want, never worry about saving, and gain access to powerful version control.

Meetings and Messaging

Google Hangouts provides instant messaging, video calling, and free long-distance calls to Canada/US. Video conference-calling with up to 15 people, screen sharing, and mobile support means its usable on any device.

Powerful Calendars

Google Calendar works intuitively with Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and more, to make scheduling a breeze. Share customized calendars with anyone, access them anywhere, and choose who can see what. Easy to use, and easy to read.

"I recommend Business Cloud to save money that you never knew you could."

Oscar The Agensi

Bits and Bytes

& Supported Apps

The Complete G Suite

Every application works seamlessly together, and data is guaranteed to be safe. Completely customize your experience to suit your work and access everything globally. Prices are per user, per month, so you’ll never pay for licensing you don’t need.

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