Location Analytics

Consumer analytics for the real world

Turnstyle Solutions tracks information about retail stores and turns them into statistics that are actually useful. See the performance of your store, frequency of customers, effectiveness of staff, and more.

Your Business - Analyzed

Discover and track information about your business that was previously unattainable: foot traffic, repeat/first time visitors, customer locations with a store, window conversion, dwell times, and more!

Adapt Appropriately

Track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns or store hours through changes in customer traffic, and adapt from them! See how the public is interacting with your business.

Monitor Your Staff

See who your most productive team members are, and when they work best for you. Notice that sales go down when a certain manager is in store? Change it!

Tap Into the Mobile Market

Offer in-store wifi to learn even more about your customers. Advertise through splash pages, so customers know about promotions. Find things that are relevant to your clientele!

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Oscar The Agensi

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