Chrome Management Console

Save lots of money by replacing PC’s with our amazing managed Chromebooks!

Impose smart rules & policies to help users and protect your business.

It’s simple to manage the computers in your office with Chrome Management Console. Manage a handful or 1000’s of Chromebooks by enforcing rules, tracking usage, and automatically updating both applications and security.

Control Access

Decide who can use which device, when its available, and how its used. Restrict or greenlight access to apps, files, and URLs.

Create Groups

Apply policies, settings, and apps to different sets of users. Control who can log into which profile, Guest profiles, and enforce universal and individual themes.

Track Device Usage

Follow who uses a device and what they do with it. Create reports based on the information, and use it to customize your chromebook settings.

Customize Experience

Brand your devices with custom logos & themes, configure network access settings and firewalls, and easily sync devices with shared bookmarks, files, etc.


A fast-starting, self-updating, personalized powerhouse computer that works from the cloud, and has everything built-in.

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