Services for Medium Enterprises

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If you can relate to this list, we can help you.

  • You feel stress and frustration NOT excitement and confidence when you think about your business technology.
  • You work in a medium-scale business, are a group of consultants, agents, or own multiple enterprises.
  • When things break you pay to fix them, technology is not a strategic advantage but a costly burden.
  • You have struggled with IT support in the past, and are looking for a simple solution.
  • You pay costly fees to service computers, phones, and maintain licensing for your company.
  • You have had viruses, lost data or computers and hate talking to the phone company.
  • You would like to control your employee’s devices with set preferences, blocked content, and installed applications.
  • You send a lot of emails, with lots of attachments, and use Microsoft Office, Outlook, Act, or Goldmine.
  • Your calendar and contacts are very important, but you have different versions depending on which device you’re using.
  • You would like to easily collaborate and track changes to your data and control access to folders and files.
  • You rarely or never backup your files, and it worries or frustrates you when your IT doesn’t work as it should.

Secure lifetime Storage in the cloud

Never back up again while protecting your business data.  Send links not attachments and make collaboration a breeze with Google Drive or Egnyte cloud file-servers.

Mobile Device Management

Enforce policies or preferences on all your employee’s devices, locate and track devices, bundle data and send it to all devices. Stay in control of your company’s IT.

Shared Contact & Customer Management

Track people, objects, or projects on an all-in-one smart webpage, see diagnostics about your business, collaborate with others, plan advertising campaigns, and access it anywhere.

eInvoicing & Time Tracking

Send e-Invoices, receive online payments, go completely paperless with receipt scanning and mobile apps, track employee or contractor time, create real-time reports, and more!

Office VoIP Phones

Get all contacts integrated with IM, video chat, PC to text SMS (US), free voice long distance in North America, customized extensions, ringtones, voicemail, and more!

Email, Docs, Calendar

Keep all your records in the same place, choose who can see them, use instant messaging, conference calls, and video calls. Sync your calendars, keep all your coworkers on the same page, access your calendar anywhere.

What's Included?

At the centre of all our deployments is Google Apps for Work™ tightly integrated with desktop software like MS Office™ and important Cloud apps like a file server, CRM, time tracking and invoicing or an email campaign engine.  We connect everything together.

We know that unlimited and accessible training makes users really productive and customers great references. We use screen share to set things up and work on-site to with groups or desk-side with individuals to finish training.

We offer at no extra cost, private executive advisory, on-boarding for new employees and tips on cool new features.

Twice a year we schedule a presentation of new features and Apps and how to get the most out of new technology like VOIP calls, Google+™, Android phones, iPads™ or Chromebooks™.

Every Business Cloud client has access to 100% unlimited training and support, no strings attached. This means we will spend the time to make sure you understand how your business’s technology works.

We know that if you are calling us it must be important and so our service commitment  is straightforward. Our phones are answered cheerfully by a live North American based rep, that can understand your issue, offer help or if needed direct your call.  We respond to your email within 1 hour.

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