Managed Office Networks

Absolutely the most critical piece of equipment in your office.

Your router is your gateway to the rest of the world. Not only does it provide internet access, but it is also responsible for your network’s security. Meraki routers are proven to be reliable, safe, and ideal for business environments. Get the right router early, and never be caught off guard.

Quick & Secure Wifi

Top-notch security and firewalls ensure that your internet experience is both safe, and lightning fast. The application-aware firewall intelligently segregates the safe from the suspicious.


Content Filtering

Block both categories of content and specific URLs! Meraki Routers’ filters are compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and allows for filtering by group.

Control Applications, Users, Devices

Inspect any item on your network: software, hardware, even people. Throttle traffic to certain things, or reserve it for others. Works well with Meraki Mobile Device Management!

Business Critical Redundancy

Ensure top speeds and best connectivity through smart link bonding. Combine cable, DSL, T1, 3G/4G to keep traffic flowing smoothly, protected by seamless failover.

"Bottom line: They know their stuff. Their IT knowledge and expertise is second to none."


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