BT versus IT, an Analogy.

Think of BT and Cloud Apps as a new courier service while your current IT efforts are a delivery truck. BT guarantees 99.9% access 24/7, constantly adds new features and services matching your growth, is variably priced and on demand, reliable, insured and maintenance free.

IT’s dedicated delivery truck, on the other hand, has a large upfront cost, requires a special operator to use it, lots of regular maintenance, insurance plans for disaster and certainly unplanned repairs which affect your customers, frustrate your staff and wreck your business.

Combining BT with your business experience & job knowledge dramatically impacts productivity.

Quickly deploy integrated business-grade Cloud Apps on PC’s and smart phones to share information, work faster, find new customers and grow with your current one’s.

BT decisions are not delayed by the risks of upfront costs, contract terms, server requirements or legacy hardware systems.

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