FOD Weather App

If the weather wasn’t funny before, it is now! With the Funny or Die Weather app you will not only keep up with the latest serious forecast but also learn a new Weather Fact of the Day such as “Driving in fog is dangerous, so minimize your time in it by driving as fast as you can” or a Daily Reminder such as “Knowledge will always be a weapon as long as there are books to throw.”
The app provides with you with a fresh joke every time you refresh as well as a quick access widget in your notification center. The jokes can be shared on social media or sent as a text message, whereas the forecast which comes from the Weather Underground, an affiliate of the The Weather Channel, predicts 5-Day forecasts, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, humidity, UV index, sunrise and sunset, phases of the moon, tides, and perhaps the most important information for Canadians during winter time – what it actually feels like outside!
Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the app and start laughing with the weather! 🙂

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