Mail merge & contact labels with SolveCRM

Does your team work with a standard set of documents, proposals or contracts. Does the thought of printing labels give you a head-ache? See how easy it is use Solve360 CRM and Google Docs!

Create labels that merges Solve360 contacts or company records.  Automatically insert contact address’s and print Avery 5160 or other labels.

Create a Folder

Create a new Google Docs folder named #Solve360 where the script will look for your templates and save the new merged documents.

Install the Google Apps script

Save  the Google Apps script in a Google Docs Spreadsheet and use it to “host” the script and provide a web-address to run it from.

Create New Spreadsheet > Tools > Script editor replace existing script with the code on this page i.e. open this web page, copy then paste the content, do not just paste the URL into the script editor

Run > onInstall > Authorize > close pop-up confirmation window
File > Manage versions > 1 > Save New Version > OK
Publish > Deploy as web app… > Deploy Web App > copy URL provided > OK
Paste the copied URL into a browser and bookmark it or save it in the spreadsheet for easy access
Open the bookmarked URL to starts the script > click on the Solve360 settings link in the top right corner, enter your Solve360 email address and API token

Merging your first document

Open the bookmarked URL (from step 6 above) that starts the script > Choose the type of document, and the source of the data, the template to use, then click “Create document.”

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