Case Study

NGA Moves to the Cloud

Niman Gelgoot and Associates are experienced in the negotiation, litigation, and resolution of all aspects of family law. They specialize in complex property, support, and custody cases. The firm’s success stems from an ongoing commitment to exceed client needs.

The firm invests in its people, its business and new technology to ensure the continued delivery of quality services that clients have come to expect from the firm.


Company Name: Niman Gelgoot & Associates LLP
Date: Jan 2017

Niman Gelgoot and Associates has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious family law boutiques.


Why We Chose Business Cloud Inc.

Since working with Business Cloud, Niman Gelgoot and Associates have seen more on-site technology support, allowing them to ask questions immediately. With quick turnaround time on transactional business, it allows lawyers to keep up with the demanding pace of the legal landscape.

Google Apps for Work has made working from home or at the courthouse much easier. Emails are accessible from any device at any time, with files constantly syncing to real-time.

Today, clients demand security, quick response time and continue connectivity, and Niman Gelgoot and Associates LLP offers that.

Working Remotely

Business Challenge

The service industry has shifted in the last few years, companies have to be much more responsive and agile than they used to be to keep up with client needs. This is no different for law firms.

The original problem Niman Gelgoot and Associates faced was with their phone service providers. The partners were having difficulty making and receiving calls. With communication a key factor in the relationship between lawyers and clients, this became a critical issue. With lawyers constantly at high speed, the firm needed a phone service that was reliable at a reasonable price.

As the discussion with Business Cloud developed, the firm realized there were issues with their on-premise email and document management system. They needed a secure, reliable system to effortlessly communicate with clients and exchange large amounts of confidential data.

Having tried multiple separate solutions, the partners at Niman Gelgoot and Associates realized they would like one unified technology ecosystem where applications and programs integrate with each together. They needed a better product – something with company fit and broader capabilities – to continue to be an industry leader in family law.


Business Cloud was referred to Niman Gelgoot and Associates by another law firm. The first introduction was focused on providing a VoIP Phone System. As the discussion continued, more technology issues rose that Business Cloud could assist with.

At the beginning, Business Cloud implemented a Cisco Meraki router to provide reliable network connectivity. Once the network was dependable, the RingCentral Phone System was deployed. With group and one-on-one training sessions, the lawyers and support staff began becoming comfortable with the new phone system.
In an industry where customer satisfaction is a priority, being responsive to their requests is an incredible trait. With Google Apps for Work, the firm is able to easily answer emails on any device. With strong network connectivity, lawyers can rely on the technology to help them improve their productivity.

What started as a VoIP Phone Service implementation, ended with a transition to cloud-based technology applications. Business Cloud managed the transition to Google Apps for Work and RingCentral through change management. The team members have been on-site at Niman Gelgoot and Associates office during the implementation to ensure an effortless change.