We’ve all been in those situations where we’re looking for something to do while we’re waiting in line. Most likely we’re reaching for our smartphones, and as we browse through our favourite social sites we come across interesting reads that are a little too long to read. Enter the Pushbullet app (Android & iOS).

The Pushbullet app allows you to quickly send links from one device to another. So when you’re on the move again, you can simply send the article from your mobile device to your browser to read later when you’re back at your desk.

Sending links via Pushbullet is also handy for sharing things between different profiles that you may have for work and personal. If your friends are using pushbullet as well, you can push things instead of just sending them an email with a link.

But wait, there’s more! Why stop at link sharing? Pushbullet has features that allow you to transfer files between devices too. For Android devices, you can send SMS messages from the browser, and mirror your phone’s notifications to the browser. Check the Pushbullet website (https://www.pushbullet.com/pro) for a full list of features offered between the free and pro versions.

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