What is LastPass and Why You Need It

It can take less than a second to crack a seven character password. All of the applications and services we use require a login and password. It gets more and more difficult to remember all these logins, especially when there are complex password requirements: min/max character length, $peci@l characters, numbers, and case sensitivity. And, if that wasn’t enough, about 43% of cyber attacks target small business. What can you do to protect your data? LastPass to the rescue!
LastPass is an app that enables you to easily save your logins and notes in one place.
Access your passwords wherever you go: at work, at home, and on the go from your computer or mobile app Need to share access to certain sites with others on your team? Share individual site logins, or manage permissions to sites with shared folders.
If you answer yes to any of the following, then you need LastPass:

Do you keep a document, note, or sheet with saved login information?


Do you use the same password for everything?

Do you sometimes forget your passwords and need to contact Tech Support for password recovery or reset?


Do you worry about shared passwords when someone leaves the organization?

Request a free trial

To get started with LastPass, click the following link to request a LastPass free trial! Business Cloud will be happy to assist!

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